Grant Murray,  Acting General Member

Daniel Griffin, Acting General Member

Dalya KAREZI, Acting General Member

Jemima JABEZ, Acting General Member

Josephine CANCERI, Acting General Member

Michael WRIGHT, Chair

Ash (Ayswariya) SUBSHASHINI, Secretary

Jawad RANA, General Member

Frank PALMOS, Vice-Chair

Tajinder KUMAR, General Member

Josephine PACULIO, General Member

Stephanie OLIPHANT, General Member

Micaela HOGAN, General Member

Sandra OZEGOVIC, General Member

Janice PARK, General Member

Tommy MIAO, General Member





Bankstown Student Campus Council

Grant Murray, Chair and Post Grad Member

Rania Matti, Vice Chair

Daniel Griffin, Secretary and Clubs Rep

Madison Muller, General Member

Holly Ratajec, General Member

Ro'Ah Hamad, General Member

Leonard Anderson, Residential Rep

Ayman Awad, Clubs Rep

Benny Chen, General Member

Gabe Hall, General Member

Miao Ruiqin, International Rep


Campbelltown Student Campus Council                

Dalya KAREZI, Vice Chair

Theo STYLIANOU, General  Member

Jemima JABEZ, General  Member 

Josephine CANCERI, Chair

Mahmoud AL-DABBAS, General Member

Yasser MANSOUR, International Rep

Gordon GREGORY, Residential and Postgrad Rep

Alexander WARTON, Clubs Rep





Parramatta Student Campus Council 2016    

Marija YELAVICH, General Member

Gerard McGOOKIN, Secretary

Chen ZHANG, General Member

Brendon LLOYD, General Member

Michael WRIGHT, Chair

Ash (Ayswariya) SUBSHASHINI, International Student Rep and Vice Chair

Jawad RANA, Postgraduate Student Rep 

Nicole GISMONDO, Clubs Rep

Richa MISTRY, Clubs Rep

Charuni Rajapakse, Residential Rep 


Penrith Student Campus Council 2016   

Tajinder KUMAR, Chair

Peter MACGREGOR, General Member

Duong AU, General Member

Waleed NISAR, General Member

Josephine PACULIO, Secretary and International Student Rep

Janice PARK, Vice Chair and Residential Rep


Emma Del DOT, Clubs Rep 

Hawkesbury Student Campus Council 2016     

Stephanie OLIPHANT, General Member and Chair

Micaela HOGAN, General Member

Nick HOWSON, General Member and Secretary

Sandra OZEGOVIC, General Member and Vice Chair

Soraya OUTIM, General Member

Emily BAKER, General Member

Sweta MUDALIAR, Clubs Rep

Helen DINH, Residential Rep

Jack BRAITHWAITE, Postgrad Rep


Student Editors 2016

Melissa SWANN                          

Jodie SALE                         

Ian ESCANDOR                

Nicole GISMONDO         

Beau DUNNE    

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