• Each of the five Student Campus Councils has up to 11 voting members, all current WSU students, who are based at that particular campus.
  • Six of these 11 positions are ‘General Member’ positions, filled by any current WSU student whose home campus is represented by that SCC. Any student can vote at election time for candidates for these positions.
  • Three of the SCC positions are “Identified” positions, consisting of one Residential student, one Postgraduate student and one International student. Only students who are from these respective categories can stand and vote for these positions. (Someone who, for instance, is currently studying a Masters, can vote for and run as a Postgraduate Member, as well as a General Member. Likewise, someone who is an international student can vote for and run as an International Member, as well as a General Member.)
  • There is a Student Campus Council on each of the five main campuses at WSU (Penrith, Parramatta, Bankstown, Campbelltown and Hawkesbury).
  • Two positions on SCCs are set aside for Clubs and Societies representatives. ( To be involved in the SCC in this category, a student must be an executive member of a club or society at that particular campus, their home campus. The election of these two SCC positions is carried out by the Clubs and Societies Forum, a gathering of all clubs and societies.)
  • Three SCC members from each campus sit on the Student Representative Council. The Chair of each SCC is automatically given a position on the SRC, and two additional SCC members are voted in by their SCCs to sit on the SRC.
  • The SRC comprises 15 voting members; 3 from each of the 5 SCCs. The SRC elects a President, Vice-President and Secretary from within its ranks.
  • In addition to voting members, there are also non-voting members on each SCC and the SRC, as well as Portfolio Holders, who can be either voting or non-voting members. Portfolio Holders, known as “officers”, have a specific area of interest in which they work in. These include Arts & Culture, Transport, Women, Queer, Indigenous and many more.
  • Each SCC receives SSAF funding to run campaigns and to represent student issues on their campus.

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