Frequently Asked Questions

What does the SRC do?

The SRC listens to the concerns of students and acts upon them. The SRC brings these issues to the attention of senior management and lobbies for change on students' behalf. The SRC can also react to regional, national and global issues and speaks on behalf of the student body at WSU.

The SRC can lobby for better parking options, better transport to uni, more food choices on campus, more childcare places, greater timetable flexibility, a safer and more accessible campus for people of all abilities, keeping education affordable for all people, health and recreation facilities, maintaining teaching standards, improving accommodation choices, working towards an environmentally sustainable campus and so much more. In the past, various SRCs have lobbied for and led change on all of these issues.

Can I be on the SRC ?

First you must be elected a member of your home campus' Student Campus Council in the annual student elections (held around late September, early October). Once you are on your SCC you have a chance to be elected onto the SRC.

What are the benefits of getting involved ?

Being a member of your SCC or SRC brings incredible opportunity for personal growth and leadership experience. You will work with people from all backgrounds and levels of experience, and you will have the chance to create change for the better.

What time commitment is involved ?

The SRC meets four times a year and the SCCs aim to meet monthly. Aside from these meeting times, you will be expected to meet with fellow students, staff and community as required. If you are elected Chair or Secretary the time commitment would be greater. 


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